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Resilient and sustainable operations

Supply chain and stewardship

Our commitment to healthier futures begins with our promise of efficiency and security at the first point a product enters the supply chain. As the distributor of tens of thousands of products, our infrastructure is built to enable secure, daily ordering and distribution.

When there is strain on the supply chain, securing the supply chain is even more critical. We rely on our “fair share” allocation program, which takes a data-driven approach to allocation based on historical purchasing data. When products are in short supply or may become so — either due to a surge in demand or a loss of production — these products are placed on allocation. This means that any one customer can only order a certain volume of that product so that all sites of care can maintain some level of access. We engage a medical ethicist to provide guidance regarding product distribution practices in the case of shortages or other distribution challenges.

We also seek to buy goods and services from suppliers, contractors, and vendors who share our responsible-sourcing goals. We expect partners to uphold our values as exemplified in our Supplier Code of Conduct.


Product safety

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology collectively comprise an efficient and secure pharmaceutical supply chain, supporting our regulatory compliance.

We continuously improve the traceability of our business processes and technology, enhancing patient safety. AmerisourceBergen purchases pharmaceuticals for distribution directly from manufacturers or their authorized representatives, warehouses the products, and delivers them to healthcare providers on a just-in-time basis.

As a wholesaler, AmerisourceBergen has taken a leading role in educating its stakeholders on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Currently, we are leading the effort on technology solutions that will verify serial numbers at the bottle level on pharmaceutical products as part of the DSCSA regulatory requirement.


Disaster response and emergency preparedness

Because of our vast scale and footprint, we play a crucial role during disasters and emergencies. Our network of distribution centers, couriers, and experienced team members enable us to find alternative solutions that, to the greatest extent possible, allow for the integrity and delivery of each shipment, helping customers maintain access to critical pharmaceutical products.

In addition to securing the supply chain, we recognize the connection between climate change and disaster response, and as such, have a robust philanthropic approach to coordinate donations and supplies to benefit both humans and animals in the wake of a disaster. Our proactive strategy through the AmerisourceBergen Foundation enables us to make grants throughout the year to numerous non-profit partners to help them fulfill their missions while living our purpose to create healthier futures. We also quickly respond in times of natural disasters, such as the Foundation’s commitment of $100,000 to aid emergency relief efforts in Florida and other regions impacted by Hurricane Ian.


Sustainable food production

We are taking a leading role in finding ways to feed a growing, hungry world. The Food and Agriculture Division of the United Nations predicts that world meat production will double by 2050. Micro Technologies offers advanced technology solutions for livestock operations, helping producers optimize animal production and reduce the resources needed in that production process. By increasing the efficiency of feeding and caring for protein-producing livestock, we reduce the quantity of agricultural resources required.
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Non-profit partner spotlight

National FFA Foundation

We need a new generation of talent and leadership to address sustainable food production. The AmerisourceBergen Foundation partners with the National FFA Foundation to ensure we cultivate that talent by supporting the school-based agricultural education model, which offers training necessary for students to be successful in the areas of STEM within agriculture as well as other fields of study.

Through our partnership with FFA in support of its Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Grant program, we aim to ensure that the next generation of talent and leadership builds the skill sets they need to take us into tomorrow. In FY22, the SAE Grants that we funded provided students with opportunities to purchase and care for protein-producing livestock, construct a coop to raise mallard ducks, and install a solar generator as an alternative power source for a chicken coop. One 8th-grade student from North Dakota is using his SAE Grant to purchase five heifers. He is learning about business and finance management through FFA and aspires to grow his herd to 100 cattle and operate his own ranch by 2045.