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CEO statement

Across our global footprint, we embrace our role as a responsible business guided by an unwavering pursuit of our purpose to create healthier futures. As our world continues to experience evolving dynamics and challenges across social, economic, and geopolitical spaces, it is more critical than ever for businesses to operate in a way that achieves their strategic priorities while equally benefiting the greater good of society and the environment. 

I’m deeply proud of AmerisourceBergen’s continued approach — and most importantly, action — to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices throughout our business. We have only enhanced our efforts and outcomes over the years and today, our approximately 44,000 team members worldwide are united around the three pillars at the foundation of our global ESG strategy:

  • Purpose-driven team members
  • Resilient and sustainable operations
  • Healthy communities for all
Every day, we are working to advance the equity, innovation, and access of healthcare across the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Our role at the center of the healthcare ecosystem means that we have a unique opportunity — and responsibility — to drive these pillars forward in a truly meaningful way.
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At the heart of who we are and why we exist is our passion for partnership. As a leader, I firmly believe that our greatest potential and success to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future lies at the intersection of private, public, and nonprofit collaboration.

Our ESG impact in 2022 reflected these values of cross-sector partnership and the good we can accomplish by working together to meet the most pressing health needs of a global population.


We also created new pathways to health equity by launching a Disparities in Cancer Care Task Force in the United States to analyze and activate solutions to address the social determinants of health that negatively shape the journey of oncology patients at the community level. And as a trusted voice and leader in the public policy sphere, we compounded our efforts around health equity by supporting bipartisan legislation, such as the Equitable Community Access to Pharmacist Services, which will empower pharmacists to provide more routine healthcare services to patients without access to other providers.

As we have continued to expand on an international scale, I’m thrilled about the ways we continued to create healthy communities across country borders, languages, and markets.


Our World Courier teams have been globally supporting vulnerable patient populations over this past year with our direct-to-patient (DtP) services focused on decentralizing clinical trials in 80 countries. Most notably, these services make it easier for patients to participate in clinical research at home, removing the pressures of time or expenses to travel for treatment, which ultimately enhances the diversity of clinical trial data and creates opportunities for more equitable health outcomes.

As I reflect on our focus on resilient and sustainable operations, this means that our company is ready and prepared when the unexpected occurs. Business continuity is linked to having a resilient and responsible supply chain that we can rely on during disasters and emergencies. Most recently, this readiness was demonstrated in our response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and warfare in Ukraine. Consistent with the strong and intentional approach we took throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we acted swiftly and leveraged our expertise and business continuity plans to safeguard the global pharmaceutical supply chain and deliver critical medications throughout Eastern Europe.

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BGC of Greater Redlands 1

Lastly, I’m also proud that the focus on our ESG pillars and commitment to being a good corporate citizen translates to protecting our planet. As a global healthcare company, we recognize the impact of climate change on human and animal health. To help combat this, we are setting a science-based emissions target to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts. Additionally, our organization continues to find numerous ways to reduce waste and emissions through reusable product packaging, alternative fuel vehicles, route optimization, and other responsible solutions. We’re also proud of our opportunities to collaborate with many of our customers and partners to achieve our shared values of being stewards of the environment.

While we are thrilled about all that we have accomplished, we continue to look ahead to what more we can do to advance the future of human and animal health globally. We remain steadfast in our commitment to protect and expand access for all patients, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of healthcare and within the walls of our organization, and honoring our planet for the benefit and wellbeing of future generations. To further reinforce our commitment to our ESG priorities, we incorporated new ESG metrics within the executive compensation program for FY23 for the first time.

BGC of Greater Redlands 1
To say the least, this impact across our ESG pillars wouldn’t be possible without the shared values of our customers and partners across the spectrum of healthcare, and the purpose-driven work of our team members. I am continuously proud and grateful to work alongside you to help accelerate positive change worldwide. I look forward to the ongoing fulfillment of our commitments and making further progress to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future, together.


Steven H. Collis
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer