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Healthy communities for all

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is now the Cencora Impact Foundation

We renamed our charitable giving organization when we became Cencora. The following content reflects what the AmerisourceBergen Foundation accomplished during fiscal year 2022.

Established by AmerisourceBergen, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit charitable giving organization with a mission to improve the health and well-being of patient populations — both human and animal. This is accomplished by partnering with organizations on projects that have a goal of advancing access to care by funding healthcare for underserved populations, improving animal health, and prescription drug safety.

$6.3+ million

donated by the Foundation to 80+ non-profit partners

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation committed $100,000 to aid emergency relief efforts in Florida and other regions affected by Hurricane Ian. The targeted donations supported organizations leading front-line emergency response efforts to directly impact the communities in need. These organizations included Direct Relief, Healthcare Ready, and additional animal health and humanitarian organizations on the ground.

We do more than just give to organizations. We strive to develop strong relationships and invest in our partnerships over the long term. We promote best practice sharing and building connections within our non-profit community. This commitment is evident through quarterly collaboration calls, a LinkedIn group, and our annual Foundation Grantee and Non-Profit Partner Conference.

This year’s conference was held in person at our corporate headquarters, convening nearly 50 of our partner organizations. To expand access to the conference, travel and lodging was covered for all out-of-town non-profit attendees. Dr. Judy Monroe, president and CEO of the CDC Foundation, served as keynote speaker and spoke about the importance of utilizing community organizations and independent pharmacists to listen with intention, collaborate, and co-design health access programs to build trust in our community programs. A panel discussion highlighting disparities in healthcare, moderated by Jenny Sherak, SVP & President, Specialty Physician Services, featured our partners Family Reach, Angel Flight East, and American Cancer Society. A second panel discussion, focused on breaking down the stigma of mental health and how we can work together to address and enact change, was led by Gina Clark, President of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation and Chief Communications and Administration Officer at AmerisourceBergen. Panelists included Not One More Vet, CADCA, Nurse-Family Partnership, and K9 Partners for Patriots.

At the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, we foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive partnerships that create healthier lives and communities. Our existing Foundation partners strive to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the work they do while focusing on meeting the needs of diverse populations in traditionally underserved communities.


“You did a stellar job of making all feel welcomed, encouraged excellent discussions and collaboration, and the panels and speakers were informative, engaging, and memorable. Being amongst so many inspiring people was an experience I will not forget. Thank you for including our organization and for your incredibly meaningful partnership. The work you are doing is making the world a better place, and it means a great deal to me and everyone here at SDF to be a small part of it.”

- Rhett Mauck, Executive Director, Search Dog Foundation
The Foundation donated $150,000 to the
campaign, a grassroots advocacy campaign that champions global immunization and vaccine equity to protect the world’s most vulnerable children from devastating diseases. The funding will be used toward vaccine interventions in marginalized populations, such as refugee communities, and will specifically support vaccine delivery, transportation logistics, and community engagement.

Photo credit @UNHCR

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Several of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation’s animal-health-focused nonprofit partners support mental wellness for humans in many ways, including providing professional service dog training to military veterans, guide dogs for children and teens who are blind, and both monetary and non-monetary resource support to lessen stress for veterinary professionals after disaster strikes. These non-profit partner organizations include K9 Partners for Patriots, Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Not One More Vet.
The Foundation was proud to commit $500,000 in financial grant contributions to support humanitarian efforts in and around Ukraine throughout FY22. By working directly with 10 non-profit partners supporting efforts on the ground and surrounding countries, over 100,000 people were provided with humanitarian aid. Together with our team members through our matching gifts program, we donated an additional $225,000+ in financial grants to organizations supporting efforts in and around Ukraine. For more information about our response to the conflict in Ukraine, see the Corporate Engagement section in this report.


non-profits assisted


people helped*


in AmerisourceBergen Foundation donations to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine


additional funds donated through AmerisourceBergen Foundation's matching gifts program

*Total number of people helped reflects data sourced directly from non-profit partners supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on three pillars:


Human health

Supporting access to healthcare for underserved populations around the globe

Animal health

Improving the health of service, companion, and production animals that support humans and advance disaster response efforts

Prescription drug safety

Combating prescription drug misuse through safe disposal, innovative solutions, and mental health support